Ojai Diaries: Day One of the Fest / by Laurence Fuller

Waking up this morning looking our window I feel the open green hills opening facets of myself I have to keep locked in the city.

I think of the sculptor Matt Wedel who has an exhibition coming up at LA Louver which I was lucky enough to see a private view before the opening. His way of life in accordance with nature, his children and the physical world.

His work reminds me of an American early Henry Moore. The works are like bodies rising out of the landscape, I believe Matt Wedel will be around for a long time.

"Moore said that no 'deep or really moving art can be purely for art's sake'. He always insisted on 'a spiritual vitality' which 'goes deeper than the senses'. A good work of art, according to Moore, is 'an expression of significance of life', 'a stimulation to greater effort in living'." Peter Fuller, Henry Moore


We go for a walk in the Ojai Meadows Preserve and see several birds of prey including what I think is an eagle. For me nature reveals the significance of first hand experience. Without anything else commanding the will against its deep desires we are free in nature to align ourselves with our own becoming. Presence of mind is the natural order of the environment. The longer I spend in nature the more alive and sensually engaged and present I feel.

Great lineup coming up on the slate of films. The highlight for me was I Am Emmanuel, directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith an experimental short about immigrating to Australia from Africa and the obstacles faced by a young man, where the protagonists express and communicate through body popping, in pivotal scenes in place of the dialog. The visceral performances are raw and full, especially Kon Moral's powerful performance. I loved the execution as much as the concept, beautifully shot. 

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